Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is all about the styling...

Marks and Spencer is traditionally known to be where mums go to shop or if you want some good work wardrobe basics.  Recently, it has ventured into trying to be more fashion forward (with mixed results) launching their Limited Collection and Autograph Collection.  However, with the right styling, M&S clothing can be both stylish and fashionable.  I was lucky enough to shadow the incredible fashion maven Sharon McM and the talented make up artist Marian Woo on a photoshoot.  I contributed from my Marks and Spencer collection, one of my personal favourite pieces: a navy blue silk kimono style jacket with white embroidery.  This was also styled with another contribution from my M&S collection: a striped black and white skirt suit.  I love the way Sharon McM has made modern pieces look timeless and like something from a Hitchcock movie.  The lovely model Marta totally nailed the femme fatale look!

Courtesy of Sharon McM

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