Thursday, July 26, 2012

THAT M&S dress...!!

Each year, Marks and Spencer seems to produce one  dress which proves to be the sell out hit of their collections.  Recently, it was the green hummingbird dress famously worn by the British TV personality and ex-laddette Denise Van Outen.

Apparently, the dress sold out in 14 days.

Remember that grey polka dot dress which was famously requested by Samantha Cameron after it had sold out?  Dove grey with white polka dots, a slimline ladylike silhouette reminiscent of times gone past?  Yes, that is the dress I regret not buying when I had a chance.  I bought the later reincarnation of that dress which was in black and white but I think it was just too graphic and lacked that softness which the dove grey colour brought to the dress. Sigh...

Marks and Spencer should concentrate on its strengths and not go for such a scatter gun approach.  They should focus on keeping up with certain trends but NOT ALL trends.  Also they cannot and should not compete with the mass market price appeal of Primark, Forever21 or H&M.  Some of the recent pieces that I have seen on the Marks and Spencer website, frankly are disappointing and a little frightening.  I am not surprised that the figures for womenswear has dropped alarmingly.  Forget about the credit crunch, if women need to shop they will find a way.  However, with such a wide plethora of shops available both on the street and online, women are more savvy.  If Marks and Spencer is to regain some of its lost momentum then it really needs to start from scratch.  Forget the tacky throw away fashion and stick to affordable womenswear which still hits some of the trends yet remains suitable for the professional woman who might want something for work yet still has a little bit of a twist.

Don't worry Marks and Spencer, you are still my first love!!!

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