Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The first step is always the hardest...

The lovely Nicole of my style muses....

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This is about the 100th time that I have tried to start a blog.  As they say, the path to hell is laden with good intentions.  Anyway, here I go.  Originally I wanted to do a fashion blog about my love for Marks and Spencer (the love is still there) but there are so many other fashion bloggers who are so much more knowledgeable and so much more incredibly stylish than me.  A case in point is one of my fashion inspirations, the ever lovely Sharon McM who has her own incredibly witty blog (  

One of my other style heroes at the moment is the lovely Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage.  For someone so young, she has developed an incredible style and has progressed so far with her fashion blogging career (I am incredibly jealous of her trip to Shanghai courtesy of Louis Vuitton!)  The main reason for my love of Nicole is that she is effortlessly stylish and is able to achieve that delicate balance of mixing high-end luxe labels with high street and vintage.  This style is something that I would like to aspire to.  I have been increasingly looking to online stores such as etsy to source vintage finds and have found it both engrossing and rewarding too.

Ok, I think that is enough for my first foray into blogging....hopefully more to come soon!

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