Friday, August 24, 2012

What to wear to a wedding....part 2

In one of my previous posts, I remarked that I did not really know what would be a suitable outfit for attending a Summer wedding.  After reading the fabulous Jasmine Webster's recent article regarding cobalt being a great Summer colour and also after trawling through some past pictures, I found an old picture of me wearing a cobalt dress from my old love Marks and Spencer.  It was a fitted dress with shawl like draping at the front to give it a little bit of pep.  I still have in my closet and I do believe that this dress will stand up to the fickleness of fashion.  It is a classic enough shape that will make it good for another wedding (may be not with the same circle of friends) or even going to a nice restaurant.  I do wish Marks and Spencer would concentrate on their strengths such as making good dresses for the High Street lover.  I had compliments from other guests about the dress and they did not believe it was from Marks and Spencer.  I do love it when that happens as Marks and Spencer is not really renowned for its "fashion".  Apologies in advance as I had to do some rough cropping as my friend did not want to be pictured on my blog....(I don't know why, should she not feel honoured?  :P)

Dress by Marks and Spencer, Silver Watch by Rolex, Sunglasses by Coach

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