Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who doesn't love a man with sparkly shoes?

Ok this might be a little bit of old news but going on with my trend of eclectic boy crushes (Fassbender, MGG etc.) I wanted to write about one of my favourite Brit actors at the moment.  Bennedict Cumberbatch (even his name is fantastic but he must have got a lot of stick for it at Harrow) rose to fame predominantly through the hit modernization of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.  Cumberbatch played the titular Sherlock. Unconventionally attractive, he has a long gangly frame, horsey features and curly ginger hair (unless it is dyed for his Sherlock role).  However, he has made the GQ Magazine's top 50 best dressed  men list.  He knows the power of a well cut suit but my favourite part of his wardrobe is that he has sported a lovely pair of glitter shoes at quite a few events.  Now, who can resist a man who is comfortable enough within himself to add a little sparkle to his wardrobe?  It is not bling like the rappers such as Kanye West but I think it adds a little bit of whimsy to what might be a very severe suited look.  Good show Bennedict!

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