Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learning from the Bright Young Things...

Sometimes I wish I was young at these times when the Social Media scene is alive and kicking.  In Hong Kong, it is still an emerging market but there are some fantastic blogging talent around who I can only aspire to.  Jasmine Webster of DRESSME has been fabulous with getting the HK Fashion bloggers together, to collaborate, to exchange ideas and to also just support each other.  She really has been the leading force behind the new HK Fashion Bloggers  Looking forward to my humble profile being on there soon...nudge nudge wink wink.

Anyway, back to my wish to be young during these times has been because I have met some incredibly talented young bloggers who have such an incredible style identity and passion for what they do but more importantly they are so much more savvy with all the tech tools needed to be successful.  It really is part of their lexicon....Anyway, these two bright young things I have met have inspired me to explore tools such as Polyvore and hopefully an old wannabe blogger can learn more from them...

Bryant Lee and Zoe Suen are the two lovely people who are definitely ones to watch in the HK Fashion blogging scene.  Genuinely nice people who are so incredibly mature but yet have such a joy and zest for fashion.  Their blogs put me to shame!!!!  So check out Bryant's blog and Zoe's blog

Zoe Suen

Love these two so much....they should have their own show!! I get some credits for the Zoe and Bryant show!!

                                          Bryant Lee

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