Sunday, November 25, 2012

From London to Australia via HK in one night...or fashion twins separated at birth Sabrina Sikora and Roksanda Ilincic?

OK this is a very belated post regarding two events I went to recently.  Only in HK, would I be able to go to an Australian brand launch and the London Show Rooms HK event.   A truly international night of fashion.

First stop was at the uber cool The Space for the London Show Rooms HK event.  This is an annual event which showcases some of the best of British fashion.  A few of the featured designers this year were Roksanda Ilincic, Jonathan Saunders, Nicholas Kirkwood, Peter Pilotto and Dominic Jones....(sorry I am going to concentrate on the women's wear).  I have been a big fan of all these names and they are always on my wish lists of designers I would love to wear but a) cannot afford, b) I don't have the slender model proportions to do the pieces justice.  Actually scratch that...I nearly was given some Dominic Jones earrings by the boy but in the end received some lovely cherry blossom earrings by Shaun Leane (another uber talented British jewellery designer).

Hello...Peter Pilotto

Nicholas Kirkwood lovelies...

More Kirkwood lovelies...

Roksanda Ilincic

Jonathan Saunders

The clothing was gorgeous and full of brilliant colours which really stood out against the white walls of The Space.   The Kirkwood shoes spread around the room was like gorgeous candy to tempt eager ladies to touch and play.  The lovely DIY maven and All Things Indulgent blogger Vanessa and I were in shoe heaven with the Kirkwood display.

Vanessa feeling some Kirkwood love

My favourite moment of the night was the gorgeous model/stylist/blogger/photographer Sabrina Sikora modelling some Roksanda Ilincic pieces.  I definitely think Sabrina and Roksanda are a) fashion match made in heaven and b) fashion twins separated at birth.

My favourite "fashion" moment of the night...Sabrina wearing Roksanda Ilincic (#fashiontwinsseparatedatbirth)
Images courtesy of Electric Sekki blog, Sabrina Sikora Photography and google images

Also having been previously ignorant of how heavy some of the runway pieces are, I had my moment of clarity when I posed (or tried to pose) with one of the spectacular Peter Pilotto pieces.  It was an amazing sculptural dress with mirror mosaic pieces on the front.  I had drooled over a picture of this gorgeous dress in Harpers Bazaar so was ecstatic that I was able to see the real thing.  However, rather than lifting it gracefully from the rack, I ended up literally having a bicep workout.  Props to the models for making it all look effortless.

Designer Dress Workout...Peter Pilotto dress
Image courtesy of Electric Sekki blog

May be I should leave it to the professionals?  Model makes this dress look light as a feather...

The second event was the Sambag and Sassy party which was round the corner from The Space.  Sambag is a cool Australian brand which has opened its first shop in HK.  Collaborating with one of my favourite HK websites for all things fun and cool Sassy HK, the Sambag team hosted a fabulous girlie evening of cupcakes, bags, shoes, scarves and all things accessories.  I was in love with the colourful scarves on display, the gorgeous yet practical shoes and bags.  It was also great to meet the Sassy girls in person.  Instant Goddess Katie Kay was totally rocking some great Sambag leather trousers (oh to be such a glamazon!) All the Sassy girls are incredibly stylish, friendly and well SASSY!

Lovely Sambag boots

Cute Sambag flats

Sambag and Sassy also were extremely generous and to celebrate the evening, specially created totes were given to attendees.

My new favourite tote...Thanks Sassy and Sambag!

After having my eyes opened in true fashion style, I hopped into a taxi at the end of the evening and gratefully went home to my peaceful bed to dream about all the things I would like to buy if I won the Euromillions...note to self, must get the boy to buy some lottery can always dream.

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