Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Clutch Me...

My friends and the boy know that I love to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bags, hence the fact that I usually carry tote bags as my every day bag (even when I go out in the evenings).  Many a night has been spent with an achy shoulder or me dancing around my handbag in the middle of a dance floor.  My mother always used to look at me despairingly and in disbelief at the sheer weight of what I carry in a bag.  I really do not know why my bags are usually that heavy...I don't carry THAT much do I?

Imagine my surprise to find that I am now loving the clutch bag.  A staple of many a socialite and celebrity, the clutch comes in a plethora of forms.  Here are some of my current favourites:

The MISCHA Clutch/Travel Bag

I already own a turquoise version of this super adorable stylish clutch.  Produced by the cool HK brand MISCHA (which recently celebrated their 4th anniversary), these clutches are durable (I have no more palpitations when a drink is spilled over my bag) and super stylish.  The squishy shape makes it extremely comfortable to carry and the roominess of the bag makes it large enough to carry all my "essentials"...ahem ahem...

I am loving the gold and silver versions of this bag, I think it must be because of the festive season.

Silver with Beige Trim MISCHA Clutch
(Photo from Shop des Createurs)

Silver with Grey Trim MISCHA Clutch
(Photo from Shop des Createurs)

Antique Gold MISCHA Clutch
(Photo from Shop des Createurs)

MISCHA Silk Envelope Clutch

Another gorgeous clutch by MISCHA but this time in obi fabric.  Gorgeous colours and patterns which definitely fill me with a feeling of nostalgia for my JET days.  Unfortunately for me, it probably would be a little too small for me and also I would be a bit scared of ruining the bag.  However, a girl can still dream?

I chose the red and gold version of this beautiful clutch because it really is a mix of such vibrant colours that looking at the picture just brings a smile to my face.  Also the graphic nature of the print keeps the design simple and yet oh so effective.  It is also a tiny bit festive too!

MISCHA Red & Gold Silk Envelope Clutch
(Photo from Shop des Createurs)

The Glush Grassy Clutch

I have already written a post about this super cute clutch.  However, with these grey and slightly cold days approaching, the bright green fake grass on this clutch makes me remember hazy Summer days and picnics (I choose not to remember the mosquitoes and the humidity).

Glush Grassy Clutch
(Photo from Glush Website)

Glush Oops! Clutch

The newest collection from the brand which introduced us to the Grassy clutch.  This cheeky clutch was created with the idea of those awkward times when you encounter wet paint.  The clutch comes in a variety of colour combinations but I am absolutely loving the black tweed and gold combination.

Black Tweed and Gold Oops! Clutch
(Photo from Glush Website)

*Glush bags can be ordered online or from Hong Kong store Heaven Please.

Mnologie Perspex Clutch

This gorgeous little clear perspex box clutch has been made by Etsy seller Mnologie.  I love the fact that a personalised message can be inscribed on the clutch and that the metal parts of the clutch come from recycled coins (#ecochic).  This clutch has been seen in the hands of the super blogger Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage.  I also like the fact that there is a little canvas bag inside the clutch so no one can see what you have in your bag.  (My blushes are spared especially as I am such a messy little madam!)

Perspex Clutch from Mnologie
(Photo from Mnologie)

Soo....Santa aka the boy....will I be getting all these clutches in my stocking this Christmas?  I unfortunately know the answer which would be a resounding NO!  Sigh...back to dreaming I guess.

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