Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HK Fashion Bloggers... I salute you...

I have been perusing through the most recent issue of COMPANY UK magazine which is devoted to the blogging trend.  To celebrate the "Superblogger Issue", 2 of the current British "superbloggers" Bip Ling and Susie Bubble grace the front cover - apparently a first for UK mainstream fashion magazines.

Whoop!  Whoop!  The SUPERBLOGGER ISSUE COVER...!!!

Imagine my surprise and delight when I flicked through the pages and saw 2 #HKFashionBloggers in the top 20 Fashion List article.  Sam Wong  and Christing Chang were voted by Company readers on the Company Magazine website as two of their favourite international fashion bloggers.

Both are uber cool fashionistas with an achingly enviable wardrobe.  Both blogs have amazing pictures and great outfit posts...I wish I had the skill, the gorgeous looks and their cool factor!  Also both ladies are running great online businesses and represent their respective brands well.  Christing runs her Christing C boutique which also sells online.  Sam Wong has started up "green fashion" online store A Boy Named Sue with fellow HK blogger Tania Reinart.  Going green can be chic!

I think this really shows how far the HK fashion blogging scene has come.  However, I still really like the fact that it is a really supportive environment.  I think this has a lot to do with #HKFashionBloggers founder Jasmine Webster.  Jasmine created a great online group which meets up regularly at the monthly Style Summit.  A really friendly lady who is always willing to chat to wannabe bloggers like ME!  She is stylish yet friendly...a really amazing mentor to all newbie bloggers.

Anyway, back to work...HK Fashion Bloggers....I SALUTE YOU!!  (I feel like I am in either a)The Gladiator movie or b)that I should be part of a political group and giving a power salute.

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