Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fencing never looked this good...

When I did it!!  At university, I was part of the ladies University Fencing team.  As a real non-athlete, this was a particularly proud moment for me (and my family who know of my sloth-tendencies).  I even became that committed to the sport that I bought a full kit (over 200GBP as a student was a lot of money back then).  The pristine whites did not last long and the trousers were extremely unflattering.  Though I was thankful for the thick material (it saved me from plenty of unflattering bruises), it was a little bit itchy.

To protect my modesty, I will not post pictures from my university fencing days and will leave it to the professionals.

Drooling over Michael Fassbender when he was promoting Jane Eyre last year, made me really wish that during my fencing days, I had seen such fashion forward and manly examples of hunkiness.  Ok, practically speaking it would not have been feasible: the bruises, the welts would have been unbelievable.  However, a girl can always dream of dashing heroes and heroines holding their own in McQueen dresses.

W Magazine April 2011

The Dashing Hero

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