Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Futuristic Samurai...Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Look 11

I recently came across the Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring/Summer 2013 Collection and was inspired by Look 11.  The layers, the tunic style top and the nod to Japanese culture with the obi style belt (hardened by the chain detailing instead of the traditional silken cord) and the tombo (Japanese for dragon fly - yes I am trying to be clever) pattern on the material; really made me fall in love with the pieces.  The colour feels like a cool breeze (over the mountain tops....Keanu Reeves was one of my childhood pinups!) and the whole look makes me think of a futuristic samurai.  It could be the draping of the tailored coat over the shoulders (reminiscent of a kimono being thrown over the shoulders of a samurai returning from a duel) but the whole look makes me feel that the model could walk into a futuristic Kill Bill movie and whip out a sword and chop a whole roomful of people into pieces a la Uma Thurman.  I am not sure however, on how stain resistant the fabric is but such practicalities would not worry a futuristic samurai and so we should not dwell on it either...

N.B Yes I have taken historic liberties by throwing around the word samurai as I know that traditionally the samurai class only consisted of men.

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