Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic fever?

So the London Olympics have started....the torch is being run around London and my friends over in London are getting into the spirit of the games (the cynical part of me thinks that it is just another justification for some of them to go out know who you are!)  After having seen the splendour that was the Beijing Olympic buildings, I have my concerns about whether London can compare.  London Underground...hello?  We shall see...I really don't want my old home to fail but am being a bit of a pessimist and think that London will face some problems and a heck of a lot of criticism. (Wrong Korean flag, the fiasco with the security guards employed for the Olympics?)

Anyway, on to lighter subjects regarding the Olympics...what will the patriotic fashion savvy athlete be wearing?

Team GB will be sporting outfits from Stella McCartney, definitely very patriotic colours and eye catching with the long red socks but so tight that you really have no room for a sneaky burger or two...I guess that is why I am not an athlete and I really should leave it to the professionals...

Italy has its national treasure Georgio Armani to design their athletes' Olympic gear.  Clean, simple lines and muted colours which are some of the signatures of Armani.  However, it is a little boring and reminiscent to me of something you can just get from any Armani ready to wear store or even a knock off or inspired by versions from Shenzhen.

USA have gone the traditional preppy route with designs from the experienced hands of Ralph Lauren.  However, once again it is the polo shirt look (duh, I should not expect anything else?)

The question is who wins the gold for the best outfit?  The debate continues...

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