Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is that really from Marks and Spencer?

I have previously mentioned one of my favourite Marks and Spencer pieces as being a blue silk kimono style jacket with white embroidery.  I somehow think that it deserves its own little post because whenever I wear it, people compliment me on it and also the inevitable question arises "Is that from M&S?"  I can proudly say that yes it is but I now add on that it is vintage which is a little presumptuous of me but it is over 6 years old!  Anyway, this is another example of when Marks and Spencer do something right, they DO IT RIGHT.  I have worn it on evenings out and also even to work (though it was probably a little too dressy for work but my excuse was that I was going for dinner straight from the office).  The quality is amazing and it has totally lasted without any damage (and I am unfortunately very harsh on my clothes and shoes).  Truly this jacket is a real survivor of many nights out in Hong Kong and London.  Though it was pricey at the time (for Marks and Spencer standards), it has definitely been worth every penny spent.  It simply is something that I can put on and instantly feel more elegant and lady like yet still remain me.

Please, please, please M&S bring back more of this type of clothing!!!

Layne Make Up Artistry's Carla Layne, What the frock designer Maria and Me (wearing said M&S jacket)
A Boy Named Sue Launch Party
Photo Courtesy of Sassy HK and Sabrina Sikora Photography

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