Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quirky and then some....the Mr. Nice Guy: Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler is one of my current boy crushes at the moment (if you listen to my friends, I have VERY eclectic taste in men!)  For those who do not know of MGG, then you have missed out on Criminal Minds where he plays the awkward genius that is Dr. Spencer Reid.  I love MGG because within his everyday wardrobe as well as his influence with his onscreen wardrobe, he truly expresses a quirky, slightly macabre yet fun way of dressing.  Eccentric might be the best word to describe MGG's wardrobe.  He kind of reminds me of Jarvis Cocker in his hey day but instead we have MGG who is happy, smiley and bouncing around like a puppy especially when he sees baby birds in his back garden!  Ok, here are some of the Gubler's fashion tips:

Odd socks

Apparently in real life and on screen, MGG insists on wearing odd socks otherwise it brings him bad luck.

Wearing a mixture of vintage, preppy, designer and his own design!!

MGG is an artist and has created some T shirts of his own designs which sell out quickly on his website.  Check out his is so much fun!!  He likes his flannel suits and dotty professor looks but also smartens up nicely when he needs too!

Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds Look

Can you really tell the difference?

Anyway, what ever look he sports, he still remains his own person and his own spirit.  Such individuality and genuine joy for what he does is something we should all aspire to!

The Various Faces of Matthew Gray Gubler (Pictures courtesy of his facebook page)

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