Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When you are assigned a client to do a makeover for them, this means don't be unprofessional and bully them about their flaws...

I just recently watched a recent episode of Project Runway Season 10 and was totally flabbergasted (side note: I am so excited to use this word in my blog!) at the totally horrendous and unprofessional behaviour of one of the designers in the competition.  Yes, I am talking about VEN!!  I did like his first look with the rose draped top but he has seriously got an ego problem.  The challenge (and hello it is SEASON 10!!! so these designers should be expecting a "real world"/non-model challenge) was to work with L'Oreal hairstylists on giving 10 women a makeover.  Some designers rose to the challenge and also worked well with their clients, others unfortunately went down in flames.  I was seriously shocked at Ven's horrid remarks about his client's size (sorry to be mean Ven but have you looked at yourself in the mirror, as Nick V said in his blog "Honey, you ain't no waif..."?) and "lack of fashion".  Unfortunately in society and especially in the world of fashion, there are certain idealised images of what is considered to be good or to be the norm.  As a curvy Chinese girl, I have always had issues with my size and have grown up with remarks about being too fat and had shop assistants say "XL is your size" or look at me with pity.  It has only been in recent years that I have become more comfortable within my own skin but that does not mean that I still don't feel vulnerable.  I really felt for Ven's client Terri and her friend who had wanted the makeover for Terri to make her feel special and to celebrate how wonderful she really is.  It was heartbreaking to hear such hurtful remarks from Ven and the fact that he literally just gave up on the challenge and blamed his poor performance on the client.  It made my blood boil.  1) She is your client, you should at least remain a professional 2) yes in the fashion world most people are skinny but in the real world we all have our own "lumps and bumps" which we might not be happy with.

For someone who claims to know everything about design, workmanship and have exquisite taste in choosing material, he chose turquoise blue satin for a smock top and then a garish zipper up the front of her skirt.  We are talking about finding something for a professional woman who has a family too.

In the words of Tim Gunn...Ven, you really did not "make it work"!  Ok rant over...

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