Friday, August 31, 2012

Never say no to accessories...part 1

Ok, it has been a while since I have last posted on my blog.  Recently, I have been clearing out my wardrobe (still a work in progress as I just love to keep and never throw away......) and have been looking at my jewellery collection and also walking down memory lane.  Many of the pieces really brought back some long forgotten yet beautiful memories.  I decided to take some pictures of some of my pieces (I really never realised how much I had until I dumped the mess out....)  I often debate on how much I should accessorize myself before going out in public ( a part of me says "there can never be too much....just go for it" and the other part tries to follow the french woman's guide of taking one piece off before leaving the house.)

The pair of earrings shown below were from Delhi, India.  I had gone with a group of 8 ex-colleagues from London to Delhi to participate in another ex-colleague's wedding.  My first trip to India and also my first experience of an Indian wedding.  The trip was amazing and though my friend was busy with her wedding preparations, her and her family really made us all feel welcome.  We obviously had to get the full gear and my fondest memory is of my friend Zeba telling us off because our sari choices were not glamourous enough and were too plain!  The first pair (which are pictured in the lower picture) are one of my favourite pairs of earrings and I always feel rather special when I put them on.  The gold gives them an antique feel and I do love a bit of colour!  The seller claimed that the central blue stone was a low grade sapphire but I suspect this was just some over enthusiastic selling spiel on his part.  However, I love them so that is the important thing I guess.  The second pair (top picture) was for my second outfit for the second part of the wedding celebrations.  I do love how over the top the jewellery can be in India, just absolutely fabulous!

My little reminder of Delhi

Other earrings that I love were actually bought in Hong Kong.  The first pair ticks the floral, antique and pastel boxes and kind of reminds me of some vintage Dior earrings.  Dirt cheap yet they make me feel expensive!   The coloured stone hoops are from a tiny shop in one of the random shopping malls Kowloon side.  I love it when you find random shops that sell quirky things and it is a complete surprise!  Even better when it is on sale...   The third pair were actually a gift from my godmother a few years back and from one of the local HK gold know the ones you see everywhere in HK!

HK earrings

Hmmm...I have a love hate relationship with bracelets and bangles....I love the idea of them but they tend to irritate me at times when I have to use the computer.  I also never quite know how I should know the effortless pile up that fashionistas seem to do.  I also have realised how many watches I have, may be I should wear them all at once and then have them all representing different time zones?  Anyway, here are some of my favourite pieces...

  • Rolex silver watch (boy's size) - graduation present 
  • Michael Kors gold watch
  • Fossil ceramic watch
  • Fossil clear plastic watch
  • Temple street vintage Mickey Mouse watch
  • Swarovski crystal studded gold bracelet (yay godmother!)
  • black snakeskin gold bracelet from a boutique in Balham, London
  • Silver fake weave bracelet
  • Silver slivers bracelet from a boutique in Balham, London

Arm Candy...

Necklaces....will be a WHOLE different POST!!

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