Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Real with Marks and Spencer?

There is a constant debate about sizing in women's wear and there is a difference in actual sizing between different stores.  A size 8 in River Island may have different measurements than a size 8 at Marks and Spencer.  Also another hot debate that constantly crops up is when brands use impossibly beautiful slender models to market their clothes.  Previously, Marks and Spencer used such "celebrities" such as Twiggy, Mylene Klass, Danni Minogue and Lisa Snowden to model their clothes.  However, in my honest opinion, it was not necessarily a success.  Marks and Spencer is a stalwart of the high street with a strong traditional client base.  Having celebrities market their clothes is an important choice.  The right celebrity being the "face" of the right product can be a perfect marriage...look at Natalie Portman and Dior?  However the celebrities that M&S chose were not necessarily connecting to their core market.  Too pretty to be approachable yet not glamourous enough to promote a fantasy luxe.  Look at Boden employing the impossibly beautiful supermodel mum Helena Christensen as their face?

Helene Christensen as the typical Boden woman?

 It just doesn't quite work.  Brands such as Marks and Spencer and Boden are selling a lifestyle which people can relate to and realistically aspire to.  Looking like a supermodel is unfortunately not reachable for most of us.  Therefore I do celebrate recent attempts to use "real" women to front campaigns.  Look at Dove? Lumps, bumps and glorious curves!  Yeah!

Dove's Real Beauty Campaign

Going back to my original topic of Marks and Spencer, they have recently cast aside using model celebrities to promote their main lines of clothing and are trying to use "real" women.

"Real" Women wearing Marks and Spencer

Hmmm...not sure how real-sized they are being here as most seem to be model proportions?

More Curves and less leggy proportions please!!

 I applaud their attempts especially having more "real" women to promote their new shape wear range.  I use the term "real" loosely as they are still all impossibly beautiful and statuesque and there is not a sign of any lumps and bumps.  I am not sure if it is due to the wonders of the shape wear or whether Mr. Airbrush has been used.  

Marks and Spencer new Shape Wear Campaign

However, it is nice to see shape wear being worn by models who are not stick thin and have shapely curves.  It gives me a better idea of how the shape wear could work for me.  I do wish there was a Chinese model, but also it would be nice to have someone who was a little bit shorter modelling!  But that is me just being picky.  Overall, I am pleased to see Marks and Spencer using realistically sized models for  their new shape wear.  When you see a beautiful toned, thin model wearing "control" pants, you cannot really see how it is supposed to work for you?  Those models do not necessarily need it and the shape wear look like normal underwear....ok may be not as skimpy and pretty as Victoria's Secret but it does not really show you the "strengths" of shape wear so to speak.  You need a fuller figured model to show it off and to celebrate the product.  So nice job Marks and Spencer! 

Keep up the good work...my only note would be that a Chinese representative would be nice..hey M&S, if you ever need a curvy, short, Chinese model....give me a call.

Check out the new stuff from Marks and Spencer at www.marksandspencer.com.

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