Saturday, October 20, 2012

The devoted artist behind the brand....Bvlgari's "The Magnificence of Time"

This post has been a bit belated and I must apologise for that firstly.  However, I was so fortunate to attend the press preview and launch party of uber luxe brand Bvlgari's exhibition "The Magnificence of Time".  The first stop for this amazing exhibition of some of the brand's amazing and extremely exclusive time pieces was Hong Kong and it will be travelling around Asia with the next stop being in Beijing in early November ( I believe).  Now, I am not usually one of those people who go for the big luxury brands for the status symbol aspect but I was extremely impressed with this presentation because it showcased the artistry behind the "bling".  This really was not simply a case of it is a brand name, it is shiny and therefore someone should buy it so that they can brag about it.

All participants at the press presentation were introduced to Monsieur Pascal Legendre who really has dedicated his life to his craft.  He has spent over 24 years of his life to reach the level of skill that is needed to create a Bvlgari master piece.  For him, he will spend one year of his life dedicated to make one piece...that is ONE PIECE not one model....ONE ACTUAL WATCH.  The amount of dedication is astonishing and it is understandable why for him, it must be a hard thing to let go of his work when it is completed and ready to go to its very lucky new owner.

The Master at Work...

One of the Master Pieces...

The actual exhibition was a fantastic celebration and framework for the beautiful watches.  Full of shiny reflecting panels and blue pendulum like light installations, it celebrated the modernity of Bvlgari;s innovative technology but also its respect for tradition.

Blue Lights...picture from My Lifestyle News

Reflective Panels...Picture from My Lifestyle News 

There were some amazing antique pieces on display celebrating the tradition and history of Bvlgari watchmakers and the intricate and delicate workings behind the gilded faces.  The automaton on display was a rare antique piece which was an extremely amusing piece.  It was a street vendor playing the classic "cups" game.  To be honest, I could have stared at it for hours as it really reminded me of those wonderful moments of childhood where you catch a glimpse at a piece of fantasy.

Automaton...picture from My Lifestyle News

With a nod to the exclusivity of its products and its constant need to improve its technology, one of the actual Bvlgari exhibits was the "box" in which one of the time pieces is presented to its new owner.  I use the word "box" though really it looks like something that has come out of Q's laboratory in a James Bond film.  A button is pushed in this big grey box and out pops a scanner.  Upon purchase of the watch, the owner has his or her fingerprints scanned and registered so that only those fingerprints will open that particular box to release the watch.  Once the print is scanned and recognised, a lighted platform is raised from the core of the box with the watch.  It really is a spectacle all by itself.  As I am such a big child at heart, I had a great time scanning my fingerprints and for the display model obviously there were no specific print to open the box.  I guess it was my moments to literally have at my fingertips a piece of the "good life".  Also, it was a great interactive piece for the public.  Even the most cynical person, I dare you not to find it a bit amusing to scan your fingerprint and "open the box"  For all the James Bond gadget lovers and Star Trek/Science Fiction geeks out totally have to try it.

I really would like to thank Bvlgari for giving me the opportunity to catch a glimpse behind the brand.  I have to be honest that initially, I had some misgivings about attending as I am wary about going to such luxe brand events as it is a little bit too much out of my own personal price range.  However, I am happy to admit that I do not regret attending such an informative and interesting event.  For my own personal edification, it was fascinating to see the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each piece. are really creating some masterpieces....

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