Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dotty for polka dots...

Have been looking at my recent purchases and have realised another two trends in my wardrobe...

First of all, I seem to be loving the romper/jumpsuit.  Though a bit annoying when one needs to go to the ladies to "powder one's nose", it is a great alternative to wearing a dress.  There is something quite glam about putting on a great jumpsuit.  A classic black is a great basic canvas where a person can accessorize to their heart's content.  The romper which I would classify as the shorts version can make a great casual outfit. Also there is such a great sound to the word "romper", it just implies to me of great freedom and great joy!

The romper/playsuit can come in a great variety of forms and patterns as I have discovered recently.  Etsy once again is my go to place to search for pieces.  I am such a fan of vintage as it really means you can find articles of clothing which are almost unique and is a great way of buying designer without necessarily paying the designer prices.  Where else can you find a DVF blouse for around 300HKD?  Or a piece of Valentino for less than 500HKD?

Anyway back to the second obsession that I seem to have picked up....I seem to have gone absolutely dotty over polka dots.  A classic pattern which always seems to be a pick me up when I am in a bit of a grump.  There is something totally girly and cheerful about those little dots.  The red and white combination is obviously classic Minnie Mouse.

Anyway, to prove my current tendencies towards the dot...

Evidence for the prosecution #1

My comfy cotton floral dotty romper.  Seems to have been a staple of mine over the summer.  I have recently posted pictures of me wearing it in my epic fail at outfit posts.  Have been wearing it with sandals but have also dressed this romper up with my 5bee yellow shoes and yellow straw bag.

Evidence for the prosecution #2

I am waiting for the autumn/winter months to wear this dress but it is a classic navy and white dot combination.  I love the high neckline and the mix of dot colours with the edging being the opposite colour combination than the actual body of the dress.  Once again an Etsy purchase.

Evidence for the Prosecution #3

This actually is one of my favourites right now...going back to my youth with the slightly culottes style bottoms (am so untrendy I know but I would like to call it retro)...these shorts are kind of my ode to my "youth".  Extremely versatile as you can see by the picture.  Great for work when you don't know what you want to wear during the week and don't want to be always wearing the exact same outfit.  It is definitely 3 outfits for the price of one!

Evidence for the Prosecution #4

My Miami Vice kind of jacket.  It is quite 80s in style and when I describe the jacket, people look at me as if I am crazy: jacket with flowers and stripes and polka dots....hmmmm....but great when wearing all black underneath.

Evidence for the Prosecution #5

My Minnie Mouse moment....a red and white polka dot romper.  I like the handkerchief detail which gives it a bit of a dandy look.  I think I need to take the shoulder pads out as it is a bit too "Dynasty" otherwise.

Evidence for the Prosecution #6

Another navy dress with white polka dots.  The style is very lady like and reminiscent of the brown and white dress that was worn by Julia Roberts at the polo match in Pretty Woman.  I could see it being a potential attending-a-polo-match outfit if I ever attend another Cartier polo event.

Evidence for the Prosecution #7

The reverse colour combination of the previous dress.  This is something similar to the shorts set I mentioned earlier on in its flexibility.  Another 3 outfits for the price of one I think as the top can go with plain trousers or a plain skirt and the skirt can go with a plain top.  The third choice being wearing both at the same time for a dress look.  The sloth side of me is rejoicing as it means less need to think about what to wear (yes, there is a reason for my unfulfilled dream of being a fashionista!)  Once again, shoulder pads will be taken out as they seriously give me the Dynasty feel  - either that or the American football player look.

Evidence for the Prosecution #8

Am really looking forward to receiving this in the post.  Palazzo pants style jumpsuit in navy with white dots.  It looks really comfortable yet could be dressed up quite easily with a great pair of shoes and a nice clutch.

The prosecution rests...

The defence enters a plea of not guilty by reason of being dotty over polka dots...And I am in great company...check out Yayoi Kusama and the collaboration with Louis Vuitton!

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