Sunday, September 23, 2012

This could be the start of a beautiful new relationship...(MISCHA BAG)

Since reading about Michelle Lai as a Sassy "That Girl", I have had a bit of an online crush on her line of bags titled MISCHA.  I love how she is inspired by her experiences and travels.  I particularly like her love affair with japanese obi fabrics.  (I spent three wonderful years in Karatsu, Japan).  Anyway, it had been a bit of a one sided, unrequited love affair from a distance as I stupidly never had the opportunity to see the real thing.  That is until I went to Le Shop des Créateurs's launch event for their pop up store at the Hive, in Wanchai.   A celebration of local designers, I finally managed to get my grubby hands on some real life MISCHA bags.  The boy and I admired a mini doctor's bag style which had been placed on an armchair.  The boy made a valid point that it was rather heavy for a display model.  To my horror and mortification, I later found out it was part of the new Autumn collection which was not on sale yet and in fact was the bag of one of the lovely ladies of the brand.  After over coming my horror, I made pleading puppy dog faces at the boy who generously offered to buy me one of the travel pouches/clutches.  I eagerly rushed back and secretly began giggling over the colours available.  Resisting the urge for bright pink ( I have a bright pink purse and phone cover already....the clutch might have been a wee bit of overkill), I chose a lovely turquoise bag with the lovely obi style graphic print.

The next day, the boy and I went for dinner at Ming Court in Langham Place Hotel, so I took the opportunity to take my new bag out.  I wore a vintage yellow maxi dress and proudly carried my lovely MISCHA bag.

Yellow Vintage Maxi Dress and MISCHA clutch

I would like to post more pictures but the boy would kill me as he is featured quite prominently in them.  Shockingly, he would rather remain anonymous.

I am looking forward to the launch of the new Autumn MISCHA collection and will be waiting to buy one.  (I am already trying to guess what colours will be available and which one I would choose...)  Apparently they will be out in the next month or so.

I can see that this love affair is going to continue...

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