Monday, October 22, 2012

Bliss Me or Bliss Me Not?...Part 1

It was with a lot of trepidation that I emailed Jasmine Webster, stylist and blogger extraordinaire to volunteer myself to be one of the bloggers to blog about this month's Style Summit sponsor BLISS.  For the people who know me and especially my poor despairing mother, I am no beauty buff.  In fact, I could be considered a bit of a slob with regards to beauty products and make up etc.  (To my mortification, my mum gleefully will tell anyone that it was amazing if I brushed my hair before I went out and that she still wonders if I brush my hair when I go out now....Mum the answer is yes, I do.)

So I gather up my courage and my octopus card and head to Admiralty to the Bliss counter at LAB Concepts.

Bliss Counter at LAB Concepts

I approach the bright and cheerful counter with a slight amount of fear but I need not have worried.  Bliss is an iconic skincare, spa, body products brand and is famous for its facial and spa treatments at some of the uber cool hotels in the world.  (They supply the amenities for the W Hotel in HK by the way...)

Bliss Products which can be found in all rooms of W Hotel HK

I was greeted by the extremely friendly staff who offered me a mentos (I stupidly chose the air waves version which definitely cleared my sinuses...)  I was then introduced to the lovely Bernadette Negri (who will be representing Bliss at the Style Summit on Wednesday) who is extremely friendly and on a side note has the most flawless skin on her legs ever thanks to Bliss products apparently.

Bernadette had already read my blog beforehand so knew that I was a complete ignoramus to the world of beauty products but far from being patronising, she was really lovely and talked through some of the best selling products whilst letting me try them.  She also explained why certain products (though popular like the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash) were not suitable for my skin (I always thought I was oily/combination) in fact my skin is a bit oily, dehydrated and sensitive.  Instead of the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (which would have been what I would have chosen for myself as it has exfoliating beads and seems easy to use), Bernadette recommended the Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk which I have to admit felt amazing on my skin.  Also, it apparently has exfoliating effects due to the enzymes in it but unlike the exfoliating beads would not irritate my sensitive skin.  It is also a great make up remover too (sold for me as I prefer as little steps in my "beauty" routine as possible).  I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about these things but the before and after of the cleansing really was visible (OMG, is my face actually usually THAT bad?)

It was at this point that Bernadette presented me with my goody bag or rather my "beauty booty" which contained some of the best sellers: The Youth Anti-Aging Cream, Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam, Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream, Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask and Lemon & Sage Body Butter.

Some Bliss "Booty"

Bernadette explained that the cleanser in my "booty" was ok for my skin but preferably only in the morning as I probably would need something richer for my skin in the evenings but she then demonstrated the Bliss powerhouse product the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing even I had heard about this mask.  Apparently, a go to product for celebrities and people who need a quick brightening up of the skin before a big event, this pretty much gives you a glow in the space of a few minutes.  The gel like formula foams up pretty quickly and rests likely on the skin and once rinsed off, my skin did emanate a wee bit more of a beauty glow.  I was also allowed to try out the Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask which is good for blackheads and blocked pores (errr I think I might have to add this to my to buy list) which is a blue and yellow gel which mixes together to make a green gel (I remembered my primary school lessons about mixing colours, my art teacher would be so proud!) which is another mask that feels relatively light on the skin.  Apparently, for a real professional facial effect, it is good to use the Steep Clean and then the Triple Oxygen but two masks no matter how quick might be a bit TOO much of a big ask for me.

At this point, Bernadette asked me if there was anything I would really like to try and I made a bee line towards the anti-cellulite/slimming creams.  Bernadette let me try the Love Handler (I do love their product names) which felt tingly and the day time cream FatGirl Slim (there is a night time version called FatGirl Sleep).  I did feel a bit mortified when it was quite obvious that even one application made my leg look a lot brighter and glowy looking or as I put it "Oh my leg looks cleaner..."  (I am still mortified at how much of a slob I seem to be!  I do wash I promise!)

Fat Girl Slim????

Bernadette then also let me try the Bliss Hand Cream, now I have always been a big fan of L'Occitaine's Shea Butter hand cream for the richness as I have very dry hands and cuticles but I have to admit that this product was amazing for how little I put on my hands and how light the cream feels.  Even a few hours and a few hand washes after, my hands are still feeling soft and the cuticles still have not dried out yet.  I still have a big tube of the L'Occitaine cream to use but I will definitely be purchasing the hand cream when I run out.  I do like the fact that after application though my hands feel moisturised, I could use my phone straight away without feeling like I had "gloopy" hands which is something I have encountered before with hand cream.

Ok, I think I will sign off for now...there are a couple more bits that I tried out at the counter and a couple more things that were added to my "booty" bag which I need to try out before I post.  I also need to take a rest as all this beauty talk has tired me out....hold on may be it is time for me to go to the Bliss Spa?  Also, I want to check out the products I have been given to see a) how user friendly they are, b) will my sensitive skin be able to handle the products or will I come out in red blotches (which has happened with other well-known big brands).  So watch this space...the jury is still out on this I a Bliss girl or not?  To be continued...


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