Monday, October 22, 2012


Last Saturday was the 1st birthday of one of my favourite places to shop in HK actually scratch that anywhere in general (apart from the M&S flagship store in Marble Arch, London!)  So a well deserved "Happy Birthday" to Polkadot Boutique.  This shop totally rocks.  A girlie oasis of pink walls and polka dot furnishings houses some really fantastic local and international designer pieces.  However, unlike other places, it is not shockingly expensive.  I first heard about the place through a write-up on one of the boutique's owners Jamie Wenker as a Sassy "That Girl"  I met Jamie at my first attendance of the HK Fashion Bloggers Monthly Style Summit.  Friendly and approachable with incredible style, we bonded over our love of etsy, jewellery and the need to find clothing for "real" women.

Through Polkadot Boutique, I have been introduced to some fantastic brands such as What the Frock?, Fifi, Vama Style and my current jewellery fave Bejewelled Bespoke.

Amazing Bejewelled Bespoke Ring at Polkadot Boutique

Polkadot Boutique are really interactive with their monthly Sip N' Shop events which showcases one of their designers or products and always has some sort of "event" such as the lovely Carla Layne doing mini makeovers or mini manicures.  Also, who needs an excuse to sip wine and look at beautiful clothes and accessories?

Amazing clothes at Polkadot Boutique

Anyway, it has been a busy first year for Polkadot Boutique as they have won the second place in the Readers' Choice Award for the List Magazine.  To celebrate the success of their first year, the lovely ladies of Polkadot Boutique held a little party with champagne, styling by Sabrina Sikora, new fall collections, make-overs by Carla Layne and a chance to strut your stuff in front of a Photobox for a commemorative photo.  For this special occasion, I wore my "Minnie Mouse" outfit for the first time.  I call it my "Minnie Mouse" outfit as it is a bright red playsuit with white polkadots.

Cute Cupcakes to Celebrate Polkadot Boutique's 1st Birthday!

Cute Memorial Photo to take home...

My Minnie Mouse Photo (Picture from Polkadot Boutique)

Anyway, if you have not been to Polkadot Boutique yet then WHY NOT????  Ladies....I look forward to your 2nd Year Birthday celebrations!!


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  2. thanks ....lets definitely support eachother!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention! So glad you love my designs - xTrish @ Bejewelled Bespoke